Arch Culvert Design and Calculation Spreadsheet

Arch Culvert Design and Calculation Spreadsheet

10 December 2021 Off By The Engineering Community

Arch Culvert Design and Calculation Spreadsheet


The proposed cast-in-situ unreinforced concrete structures is a multi-cells storm drainage Culvert along road (Typical). The structure is designed as moment and shear resisting frames consisting of unreinforced precast concrete arches roof and unreinforced conrete walls on continuous unreinforced base slab serving as mat foundation supported by node springs.

The whole structure is modelled as series of elements, analyzed and designed by STAAD Pro structural program in accordance with ACI Code, using Ultimate Strength Design (USD) method.

All applicable loads are in accordance with MOT and AASHTO requirements and applied on structure such as dead loads, selfweight, soil pressure and surcharge on exterior walls etc. Wheel load pressure per MOT Design Trucks & Lane Loads such as; standard lane- load per lane 20 kN/m UDL, 150 kN for moment and 220 kN concentrated loads spread over lane width; 3 axle 600 kN (61.2T) truck per lane, and 320 kN (32.62T) hypothetical single axle load per lane are applied on structure in different loading pattern/cases similar to a moving loads.

All these loads are applied systematically in various critical load combinations with corresponding load factor multipliers, as required by AASHTO.

Please refer to design load calculations, Wheel Loads Summary Table and diagrams.

Arch culverts are designed to safely withstand the vertical and lateral loads due to traffic and earth and comply with minimum factors of safety and 100 kPa recommended net allowable bearing capacity as per RC manual.


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