Bridge moment and shear envelopes spreadsheet

Bridge moment and shear envelopes spreadsheet

1 April 2019OffByThe Engineering Community

Bridge moment and shear envelopes spreadsheet

Moving truck (up to 20 axles) analysis for bridges with simple or continuous spans (up to 5). Envelopes (M & V) and support reactions.


2 to 20 axles and 1 to 5 spans with El constant throughout. Truck will move from left to right with the first axle in front. Critical values of shears (absolute values) and moments will be computed on each division point. Total number of divisions must be less then 500. Results and graphs are displayed on Results, MEnvelope and VEnvelope worksheets.

Tips and Tricks

Reverse the truck geometry to simulate moving from right to left. Instead of axle loads, use wheel loads multiplied by impact and lateral distributions factors to obtain quickly design moments, shears and support reactions. Use q(uniform load) to simulate lane load. Dead load or any other uniform load may be simulated by using zero axle loads. For a simple span, for example. AASHTO users may simulate lane load by choosing 2 axles with the 2nd axle weight set to 0. 0.

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