ICE Load Analysis on Structural Steel

ICE Load Analysis on Structural Steel

13 December 2018 Off By The Engineering Community

ICE Load Analysis on Structural Steel


According to the ASCE705I ASCE 7-05 code, the Spreadsheet Program written in MS-Excel for determining ice load due to the frozen rain on structural steel members. Specifically, quality and related and necessary parameters are determined to calculate the level of snow loading of different types of structural steel members.


Program ideas and limitations:

1. This program specifically follows section 10.0, Ice Load – ASCE 7-5 standard, “atmospheric torque,” and “minimum design load for building and other structures”.

2. This program sets the ice load based on the ASCE 7-05 code, which determines the specific diameter for a specific size and for comparative purposes, it calculates the size of ice load based on the actual size of the size.

3. This program uses the Database and Database Properties database from AISC version 13.0 “Shape Database” CD-ROM version (12/2005), and AISC 13th Edition manual list (12/2005).


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