Procurement Planning Excel Template

Procurement Planning Excel Template

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Procurement Planning Excel Template



Procurement is important in project management, the critical part here when you do a construction project is when selecting the seller, supplier or a bidder when you failed on the selection, your entire project is at risk in terms of quality, scope, cost, and schedule.

Procurement Management Plan is another necessary component of the project management plan that addresses the procurement process, including documentation, managing & closure of contracts. This template is often created during the second step in managing construction projects.

Components of the procurement management plan

  • Stakeholder
  • Type of Contract
  • Documentation
  • Estimate
  • Schedule
  • Performance report
  • WBS
  • Bonds or Insurances
  • Assumption and Constraints
  • Risk

Procurement Planning Excel Sheet

-Procurement planning excel sheet can be used in tracking the procurement of materials

-Procurement planning excel sheet can be used in tracking delivery of materials


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