Construction Project Dashboard Excel Template

Construction Project Dashboard Excel Template

20 January 2019 Off By The Engineering Community

Construction Project Dashboard Excel Template



Every project manager needs a predetermined road map for following his/her own and the team’s progress with the project. The team can refer to this document which may be in the form of a spreadsheet. This also helps them follow their targets, keep up with the pace, create projections and assignments. These elements are made available in such a template.

Templates are easily available for free these days. A project manager can find a huge variety of such project management templates and can choose one on the basis of its suitability to the project.

A place where all the mentioned charts can be viewed easily is essential for a project. The project management dashboard provides this platform. This dashboard gives all the information in one single view.

Charts like issues, project budget, project risk, Gantt chart, to do lists are present for a project manager on the dashboard. The project manager can then take a glance at the charts with ease and dive deep into the ones he feels necessary.

The dashboard is applicable or rather essential for all the types of projects. It is, in fact, a must for the project lead to carry out his job with efficiency.



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