Monthly Summary Dashboard Excel Template

Monthly Summary Dashboard Excel Template

20 January 2019 Off By The Engineering Community

Monthly Summary Dashboard Excel Template



This Monthly Summary Dashboard Excel Template will help all engineers in creating monthly dashboard reports.

Excel Dashboard Template

Excel dashboards are merely good-looking worksheets that use small charts & tables. Daily, weekly & monthly reporting uses essentially the same process, but with different date formulas.

Before we start building queries, perform a layout review – remember that Excel is a spreadsheet tool that is restricted to rows & columns, and that columns are the same width all the way down the page & rows are the same height across the entire page, so you need to make the layout fit into those constraints. Another consideration is whether the page will need to be printable, which further restricts your design.

This report has a couple of tables of similar contents stacked one over the other &  the rest is charts, which provide great flexibility. One concern is that the original report appears to have a square overall shape, which is fine for desktop screen presentation but could be a problem for printing.


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