Moving Point Loads Line Beam Analysis Spreadsheet

Moving Point Loads Line Beam Analysis Spreadsheet

28 November 2021 Off By The Engineering Community

Moving Point Loads Line Beam Analysis Spreadsheet


This Spreadsheet calculates maximum bending moments and shears for moving point loads (Vehicle Axle Loads) on a single span or continuous multi-span beam using the moment distribution method.

A summary of the maximum moments and shears are listed together with their critical load case and position of vehicle.

Individual axle loads and spacings are entered for Abnormal Loads (multi-axled vehicles). S

tandard vehicles, such as HB loads, BD21 Annex D and BD86 STGO vehicles, have been included and may be selected from drop-down lists.

Sections for critical shear may be chosen to be at the support or at a distance away from the support. This is useful for concrete beams when shear is usually considered at distance d1 (effective depth to reinforcement) from the support.

The Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) and 1.1 Overload Factor (OF) in BD86 are automatically applied to the axles together with the 1.2 OF applied to the critical axle for the STGO vehicles. The Impact Factor in BD 21 Annex D may be set to 1.8 or 1.0 (1.0 is used for cast iron beams). No other load factors are applied to the axles.


The maximum moments and shears are determined by looping through the calculations lots of times so if you are analysing more than three spans, or vehicles with more than 10 axles, then the process may take some time before results are produced.


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