Structural Toolkit 3.42

Structural Toolkit 3.42

2 August 2018 Off By The Engineering Community

Structural Toolkit 3.42


Structural Toolkit is a Structural Engineering software package specifically developed to assist the
Professional Structural Engineer.
Comprising a suite of structural engineering modules that use Microsoft® Excel combined with the power of
Visual Basic, Structural Toolkit delivers fast and accurate design assistance.

Structural Toolkit covers a diverse range of materials and methods including:
Retaining walls

Modules comply with current Australian Standards, and refer to a range of standard engineering references
and technical papers. Modules receive regular updates incorporating improvements, corrections and updates
as Standards change.

Only Australian Standards but because my stepson is now student in Melbourne (IT not Civil) i dedicated some time to free this program.
You can see it is registerd to Australian People and i hope after checking it you will buy it.

Copy the adapted files respectively in the proper folders and replace the existing.

This is a very useful tool to Australian Standards. This also has simple structural modelling available.

Just a caution if you use this, especially the reinforced concrete design. AS3600 uses a steel grade with Fy=500 MPa.

For Steel Design, the section they use is similar to British Standard and the steel grade is nominally grade 300 steel (Fy=300 MPa).


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