CAD Detail Library

CAD Detail Library

23 March 2019OffByThe Engineering Community

CAD Detail Library

CAD Details Library is a library where you can download 2D and 3D Autocad files like typical details, note drawings and specific details like bridges, steel connection, concrete structures, tanks, joins, per-stressed elements etc. commonly using construction industry. Addition to that architectural drawings, landscape drawings, site plans and lot more categories are included.

CAD Details Library has more than 5000 .dwg files which categorized in to 5 main categories and sub categories.

CAD Details Library is daily updating and all VIP users shall access to this share space to download cad files.

Easy to navigate: Main and Sub categories

Construction sites
– Concrete Sites
– Steel Sites
– Scaffolding section
– Rehabilitation and retrofitting
– Temporary construction

Construction details
– Acoustic Insulation
– Arches
– Ceiling
– Concrete construction
– Floors
– Foundation
– Plumbing
– Water Proofing
– Walls
– RC Elements
– Steel construction
– Other Materials

Construction systems

– Architectural plans
– Landscaping


– Simply you can find what ever you seek
– Direct downloads
– No waiting time
– Easy to navigate

Construction Details

160 MO

Download Link

Construction Site CAD

Download Link

Miscellaneous CAD Files

Download Link

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