Easy Steps to Initiate a BIM Pilot Project

Easy Steps to Initiate a BIM Pilot Project

7 May 2019 Off By The Engineering Community

Easy Steps to Initiate a BIM Pilot Project


The AEC industry, now, is very well informed about BIM and its advantages. Many of the AEC firms have embraced this effectual BIM technology while others are approaching it gradually before BIM becomes a mandate in the coming run.

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This new article of mine intends to highlight the Easy Steps to Initiate a BIM Pilot Project for

successful implementation. I am stressing on Pilot Project as – “The pilot projects have been considered to be one of the vital components of successful implementation plan for BIM.”

So, let’s take look and understand the steps to initiate a BIM Pilot Project:

  1. Selection of a Pilot Project:

If the firm takes a decision to BIM transition, it is keen on knowing and confirming the effects of BIM implementation as well as unveil BIM capabilities. Pilot Project is the best exercise for this, but the selection of Pilot Project for BIM also plays an important role.

Following are some of the points which can be focused for selection of a Pilot Project:

Business needs and trend Complexity of the project

Availability of information for the project for comparisons

Use of the project & project delivery system

  1. Application of the training of BIM tool:

There is no use of training unless it is applied on a live project or brought into practice. This is where Pilot Project comes into picture. This practice can also be used for evaluating the understanding of BIM grasped by the team so far

during the trainings.

It is also important that the users avoid switching back to traditional 2D CAD methodology and strives to achieve it through BIM tools opted by the firm as it can help them to be productive and apply their skills in the path of new


  1. Undergo advanced training if needs demand:

The Pilot Project is helpful for understanding the new BIM tool as well as identifying the areas and requirement for advanced training.

It is evident that this transition is not so smooth sailing and the support of the management along with motivation for updating the skills of the users and would be a great booster for the team to go ahead with BIM for current and upcoming projects.



  1. Evaluation of the Pilot Project, & Documentation of the BIM plan:

It is very important for a firm/organization to measure and evaluate the difference after transition to BIM and the respective increase in productivity.

Based on this, the team should define goals or alter the previous set road map as this will help them to achieve the optimum results for further projects.

Also, the documentation of hurdles faced while working on the Pilot Project, measuring the areas where BIM helped in enriching the design process will be aiding the team as well as management to solve them as well as assess the BIM

implementation respectively.

In closing, I would like to say that a successful pilot project is a true specimen to encourage the team towards Adapting to, Adopting & Implementing BIM in future projects.

And as I always say, BIM is the future of AEC industry. So, for the AEC industry, it is either Adopt BIM and reap in the rewards or remain left behind in the competition.

– BIM will make it easy!!

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