Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook

Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook

20 November 2017 Off By The Engineering Community

Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook

As a comprehensive analytic treatment on elastic beam problems, with balanced
emphasis on both the theoretical and the practical, this book is a vastly expanded
version of the author’s Goldenbrook’s Little Red Book (2004) both in spirit and in style
and with the same approach I call open-mindedness.

The previous book was writtenprimarily for students.

The prevailing trend in education advocates critical thinking

and promotes continuing education, as exemplified by the requirements for Profes-
sional Engineer licensing.

Therefore, this book is intended for students and their teachers, as well as all structural engineers and applied mathematics professionals.

This book uses innovative analytic approaches that combine tactful applications of
mathematics with structural engineering, thereby helping the reader gain insight into
the physical implications of the formulae presented.

This means that an effective analytic treatment of the elastic beams will shed light on how the numerical work can best be planned and executed with clarity and optimal results, as well as a
minimum of time, effort, and cost.

The writing philosophy of this book leads to a presentation at once both simple
and logical, so that many important and interesting problems can be solved as
corollaries of a general theorem.

In this way, the reader will be able to see not only the trees but also the forest; this “big picture” approach is intended to be both enjoyable and inspirational.

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