Pavement Management for Airports Roads and Parking Lots PDF

Pavement Management for Airports Roads and Parking Lots PDF

20 December 2020 Off By The Engineering Community

Pavement Management for Airports Roads and Parking Lots PDF


Pavements need to be managed, not simply maintained. Although it is difficult to change the way we do business, it will be more difficult to explain to future generations how we failed to manage our resources and preserve our infrastructure.

When asked for reasons why they did not use the latest in pavement management technology, pavement managers gave many answers.
“The only time I have is spent fighting fires.”
“We normally use a 2-inch overlay.”
“Just spray the pavement black at the end of the year.”
“I can’t afford to do inspections; I’d rather use the money to fix the pavement.”

Managers and engineers who have adopted pavement technology understand that pavement management is a matter of “Pay now, or pay much more later.”

Agencies are finding that they cannot afford to pay later; it is more costly to rehabilitate badly deteriorated pavements.

Unfortunately, the pavement infrastructure managed by some agencies is at a point where a large sum of money will be needed for restoration. Agencies blessed with a good pavement infrastructure need to start a pavement management system as soon as possible.

They need to: inventory the pavement infrastructure, assess its current and projected condition, determine budget needs to maintain the pavement condition above an acceptable level, identify work requirements, prioritize projects, and optimize spending of maintenance funds.

The primary objective of this book is to present pavement management technology to engineering consultants, highway and airport agencies, and universities.


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