Project Resource Management Summary 6th Edition

Project Resource Management Summary 6th Edition

27 June 2020 Off By The Engineering Community

Project Resource Management Summary 6th Edition


  1. Physical resources include equipment, materials, facilities, and infrastructure. Human resources include Team resources or personnel.
  1. Trends in resource management lean management, just in time (JIT), manufacturing,Kaizen, total productive maintenance (TPM), theory of constraints (TOC).
  1. Resources can be obtained from the organization’s internal assets or from outside the organization through a procurement process.
  1. Data Representation: The Objective is to ensure that each work package has an unambiguous owner and that all team members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

✓  Hierarchical  charts:  The traditional organizational chart structure can be used to show positions and relationships in a graphical, top-down format.

▪   Work  breakdown  structure  (WBS):  designed to show how project deliverables are broken down into work packages and provide a way of showing high-level areas of responsibility.

▪   Organizational  breakdown structure (OBS):   is arranged according to an organization’s existing departments, units, or teams,  with  the  project  activities  or  work  packages  listed under each     department.You may see all project responsibilities by looking at OBS.

▪   Resource breakdown structure:  hierarchical list of team and physical resources related by category and resource type that is used for planning, managing and controlling project.

✓  Assignment Matrix:

▪   Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) shows the project resources  assigned  to  each  work  package.  It  is  used  to illustrate the connections  between work packages, or activities, and project team members.

▪   High-level RAM can define the responsibilities of a project team, group, or unit within each component of the WBS.