Soft Clay Engineering And Ground Improvement PDF

Soft Clay Engineering And Ground Improvement PDF

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Soft Clay Engineering And Ground Improvement PDF


This book covers the design and implementation of ground improvement techniques as applicable to soft clays in the eyes of experienced geotechnical personnel, from academics to practitioners.

Soft soils and ground improvement have become major challenges to geotechnical engineers during the last three decades. Planners, architects, consultants, and contractors are now aware what soft soil is and the risks associated with development in areas where soft soil is encountered. They know that ‘good’ land is limited and, therefore, marginal lands need to be improved.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (J Ameratunga, N Sivakugan & B M Das)

2. Engineering Geology of Soft Clay (I Shipway)

3. Basic Soil Mechanics (N Sivakugan and J. Ameratunga)

4. Geotechnical Testing (J Ameratunga & N Sivakugan)

5. Parameter Derivation (J Ameratunga & N Sivakugan)

6. Ground Improvement Methods for Soft Clays (J Ameratunga & N Sivakugan)

7. Replacement (J Ameratunga & N Sivakugan)

8. Preloading (S Iyathurai & J Ameratunga)

9. Preloading with Wick Drains (S Iyathurai)

10. Stone Columns (K Chan & B Poon)

11. Semi-Rigid Inclusions (Thayalan Nall)

12. Lightweight Fill (J Ameratunga)

13. Deep Soil Mixing (T Muttuvel, S Iyathurai & J Ameratunga)

14. Basal High Strength Geotextiles for Ground Improvement of Soft Foundation Soils (C Lawson)

15. Mass Stabilization (A O′Sullivan)

16. Observational Approach and Geotechnical Instrumentation (K A Dissanayake & C A Bridges)

17. Geotechnical Risk Management (C A Bridges)


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