Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

17 November 2017 Off By The Engineering Community

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis comprises the set of physical laws and mathematics
required to study and predict the behavior of structures. This new book gathers and presents current research in the field of structural analysis across a broadspectrum of topics.

Discussions in this compilation include: evaluating seismic
safety using non-linear structural analysis; a structural analysis of how art is
made; the structure and function of vegetal ecosystems in semiarid regions of
Northeastern Mexico;

using a covariance structural analysis as a method for supporting efforts to improve employee motivation; and a method for solving linear algebraic equation sets in FE analysis software.

The focus of Chapter 1 is ” How is it that artists know how to make their
work and yet do not know how to explain it?”

In other words, how do they both simultaneously know and not know?

True solutions to the problems of arid and semiarid zones throughout the
world require a mandatory previous evaluation of the natural resources from the
study areas.

In Chapter 2, the main approach is driven to the structure and functioning of the vegetal ecosystems which intimately involves various interrelated elements such as flora, cattle, and other fauna, taking also into account management and commercialization of wooden and non wooden products.

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