The Coaching Handbook An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers

The Coaching Handbook An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers

12 September 2020 Off By The Engineering Community

The Coaching Handbook An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers


Coaching is proving itself to be the most popular and most effective technique in the field of learning and development. Managers are constantly being reminded that coaching is an important part of their role in getting the best from staff, while trainers are increasingly being called upon to coach individuals in a variety of aspects of both work and life. This one-stop-shop of a book offers everything readers need to be able to harness this powerful and successful technique.

Part 1 provides a detailed and clearly structured step-by-step approach, which will help anyone to develop the ability to coach others. Importantly however, as well as helping to develop the skills of coaching, the authors provide valuable guidance on:

  • where to start when coaching a colleague;
  • how long the coaching will take;
  • which methods should be employed, and when.

Part 2 provides a range of real life case studies from a variety of commercial and non-commercial settings that will help you to decide how coaching can best be tailored to your own organization. The final part of the book contains detailed practical exercises that can be used in a variety of settings. Each of these individual elements combine to provide the definitive coaching handbook.


Table of Contents
The Coaching Handbook—An Action Kit For Trainers & Managers
Part 1 – The Coaching Process
Chapter 1What is Coaching?
Chapter 2Learning Theories
Chapter 3Introducing the Coaching Model
Chapter 4Job description, Skills and Qualities of a Coach
Chapter 5Preparing to Coach
Chapter 6Stage 1: Clarifying Coaching Needs and Goals
Chapter 7Stage 2: Agreeing Specific Development Needs
Chapter 8Stage 3: Formulating a Detailed Plan for Coaching
Chapter 9Stage 4: Doing a Task or Activity
Chapter 10Stage 5: Reviewing Activities and Planning Improved Performance
Chapter 11Stage 6: Ending the Coaching Relationship
Chapter 12Third-party Initiated Coaching
Chapter 13Skills
Part 2 – Case Studies
Case Studies
Part 3 – Activities and Exercises
Activities and Exercises
References and Further Reading


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