What we know about Genoa bridge that collapsed

What we know about Genoa bridge that collapsed

15 August 2018 Off By The Engineering Community

What we know about Genoa bridge that collapsed


The Monrandi bridge in Genoa, Italy is part of the A10 motorway which runs runs over a railway line, riverbed and industrial area.

The road which is close to the French boarder connects the city of Genoa to Savona and Ventimiglia.

Both sides of the highway fell due to severe weather and torrential rain sending cars plummeting to the ground.

It is currently unclear why a section of the Morandi Bridge collapsed. But here’s what do we know about structure:

  • It’s a highway bridge: The section of the A10 highway affected crosses over several roads, railway tracks, shopping centers, homes and the Polcevera river.
  • It’s a major thoroughfare: It links central Genoa with Genoa airport and towns along the coast to the west of the city.
  • It’s long (and tall): The cable-stayed bridge had a total length of 1.1 kilometers and is 100 meters tall at its highest point.
  • It’s 50 years old: The bridge, also known as the Polcevera Viaduct, was designed by Italian civil engineer Riccardo Morandi and completed in 1968.

The bridge was undergoing maintenance when it collapsed

The bridge that collapsed near Genoa, Italy, was undergoing maintenance, the company in charge of Italian highways, Autostrade, said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Morandi Bridge “dates back to the 1960s” and “maintenance works were underway to consolidate it,” Autostrade said

The statement goes on to say that “a bridge-crane was installed to allow maintenance works to be carried out” adding that, “the work and status of the viaduct were subject to constant observation and supervision” by their Genoa division.

The company added: “The causes for the collapse will be the subject of an in-depth analysis as soon as it is possible to safely access the site.”

Dramatic pictures show the collapsed bridge as rescue workers search the debris.

Emergency services having been working around the clock at the scene.

Italian firefighters said cars and trucks are trapped among the rubble after falling 50 meters to the ground from the Monrandi bridge.

Genoa bridge collapse in pictures

The bridge in Genoa, Italy is part of the A10 motorway

The Morandi bridge collapsed on August 14, 2018

Police and emergency workers are on the scene

The collapsed section of the highway bridge in Genoa

The Morandi bridge was built in the 1960s

The Morandi viaduct upon which the A10 motorway runs collapsed in Genoa

Genoa bridge collapse: Rescue workers search the debris

Seven people have been rescued alive

The giant motorway bridge collapsed in heavy rain in the Italian city of Genoa

Cars and trucks are trapped among the rubble

At least 35 cars and 3 heavy vehicles were involved

The road connects the city of Genoa to Savona and Ventimiglia

Rescue workers are at the scene to deal with the tragedy

Rescuers inspect the rubble and wreckages by the Morandi motorway bridge

Rescuers can be seen at the site of the collapsed bridge in Genoa

Part of the A10 motorway suddenly collapsed during a fierce storm

The A10 motorway runs runs over shopping centres and a railway line

Around 10 vehicles were involved in the collapse

Rescuers work to search for survivors