History Of Pile Foundation

History Of Pile Foundation

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History Of Pile Foundation


Pile foundations have been used as load carrying and load transferring systems for many years.

In the early days of civilisation, from the communication, defence or strategic point of view villages and towns were situated near to rivers and lakes. It was therefore important to strengthen the bearing ground with some form of piling.

Timber piles were driven in to the ground by hand or holes were dug and filled with sand and stones.

In 1740 Christoffoer Polhem invented pile driving equipment which resembled to days pile driving mechanism. Steel piles have been used since 1800 and concrete piles since about 1900.

The industrial revolution brought about important changes to pile driving system through the invention of steam and diesel driven machines.

More recently, the growing need for housing and construction has forced authorities and development agencies to exploit lands with poor soil characteristics. This has led to the development and improved piles and pile driving systems. Today there are many advanced techniques of pile installation.