List of Free PMP Mock Exam

List of Free PMP Mock Exam

7 November 2018 Off By The Engineering Community

List of Free PMP Mock Exam


How Useful Are PMP® Mock Exams?

One of the most frequent question Aspirants will ask is: am I exam ready (i.e. can I write the exam now)? It is not only a waste of time and money if you take the actual exam when you are still not ready yet, think of the enormous pressure you have to endure sitting 4 hours before the screen and 15 seconds of the blank screen for the result to appear at the end of the exam. Aspirants would like to pass the exam in the first attempt without having to go through it again.

But, how to tell if you are PMP® exam ready (i.e. how to know if you can pass on the first attempt)? According to the experience of many exam takers, quality mock exams help a lot, especially if the mock exams are to be carried out in a simulated environment similar to the real exam with a timer.


List of Free Quality Mock PMP® Exam Questions


1 – [updated] Oliver Lehmann (Online)

2- [updated] Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial)

3- [udpated] Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam

4- Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF)

5- [updated] Edwel Mock Exam

6- [updated] PM Study Mock Exam

7- [updated] GreyCampus Mock Exam


Remark: please note that the Oliver Lehmann downloadable PDF mock exam is considered more difficult than the rest of the exams on the list. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot score over 75% on this one alone. Experiences from fellow Aspirants have proved that you can pass even with 75% or over in Oliver Lehmann downloadable PDF mock exam as it asks for additional knowledge from other project management books (the answer explanations often cite other reference titles of the exam than the PMBOK® Guide).