PMP Sixth Edition Exam Simulator n°01

PMP Sixth Edition Exam Simulator n°01

9 March 2019 0 By The Engineering Community

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Based on the PMBOK® Guide Exam 6th Edition, and updated for the 2019 PMP Exam!


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Vocal inflection accounts for how much understanding of verbal communication?



On your current project, EV = $45,000, AC = $50,000, PV = $40,000. What is the schedule variance as a percentage of the work accomplished at this point in time?



During the Executing and the Monitoring and Controlling phases, project managers frequently engage in replanning activity due to discovery or a change in customer needs. The term used to describe this process is called?



One of your project team members approached you visibly upset. It appears the team member overheard a director and another project manager discussing an apparent scheme to defraud the company. What is the FIRST thing that you should do as the project manager?



The project has been running smoothly; initiation phase is complete and the team is working on all aspects of planning. You had meetings with stakeholders several times to collect requirements and as a result, requirements documentation is almost complete, as are high-level and detailed design documents. As construction begins on the project, several stakeholders have indicated the need for changes to the requirements set. They are claiming these elements were missed in the initial requirements collection process, and they want you to add these elements to the project immediately. You perform an impact assessment and get it back to them only to hear that they are not going to allow any changes in the project budget or the timeline to complete these additional elements. What is the most effective tool that you could use to prevent this instance of scope creep?



Which type of procurement document is most appropriate for a cost reimbursable contract?



Your vendor just shipped you 100,000 parts. What is the best quality tool to use given that you do not have the time or the workers available to check each part?



One of the risks identified in the project’s risk register has a probability of 85%. As the project manager what would you do first upon making this discovery?



You have just created the scope management plan for your current project. As the project manager, what is the next thing that you should do?



Stakeholders are generally classified based on their ________________________?



The mechanical engineering manager has reported to you, a PMP, that the work due at the end of this week is going to be two weeks late. Your manager has requested that you do not report this to senior management. What does the PMI Code of Ethics require you to do?



One of the goals of your current project is to automate a current process that is currently done manually. What is the best quality tool to use in this situation?


13. The buyer has established a CPFF vehicle for the current procurement activity. What is the buyer most concerned about?



Which of the following statements about earned value is true?



A Project Manager is using PDM to perform critical path analysis. The network diagram is represented as shown using below. Which of the following represents the path:

ActivityDurationDependent on


For the sequence diagram in question 15, what is the float of activity B?



For the sequence diagram in question 15, what is the float of activity H?



According to PMI, the PMO is not responsible for…?



You decide to conduct a quality audit of the cryogenic capable hardware being manufactured by your company during project execution. The quality audit will identify all of the following, except…?



Which of the following statements about risk is the most correct?



You have determined your project will optimistically take 24 weeks to complete, with a most likely completion date of 36 weeks and a pessimistic completion date of 72 weeks. Based on this three point estimate what is the likely completion timeline for the project?



The five elements of the sender-receiver model in communications are …?



The two basic standards that define the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are:



A SIPOC diagram is a type of…?



You identified the possibility of several high-impact risks on your current project at the last stakeholder meeting. A senior VP was in attendance and immediately announced, “We’re looking for ‘can-do’ people for this project. If you can’t handle it, I’ll find someone who can!” What would be the best response to this statement?



If you add two more people to a team of five people, how many additional lines of communication will be created?



The life cycle of a product or service begins with…?



An approved change request just increased the scope of your project. This could result in all of the following except?



The essential difference between cost and price is…?



Which of the following would be least important on the risk register?



A finish to finish relationship is defined as which of the following?



Which of the following best describes a stakeholder?



In the Influence/Impact grid, the best management technique for stakeholders who are high in influence and high in impact is to…?



Senior management brought you in to run a project as an ‘execution’ project manager. The timeline and the budget were already established by senior management and you have been asked to simply bring the project in on time and on budget. You do a thorough examination of the project parameters and discover that there is no way the current project can be completed for the budget and the time allotted. In fact, your calculation shows the project will cost 40% over the authorized budget and will take six months longer to complete. What should you do?



The quality control team has raised concerns about the quality of the output of a specific manufacturing process consisting of 3 steps. The quality control team leader reports that there is a 99% probability step #1 will produce a defect free part, a 98% probability that step #2 will produce a defect free part and a 96% probability step #3 will produce a defect free part. At the end of the third step, what is the approximate probability that an article chosen at random will be defect free?



The ability of the project manager to expend funds and allocate resources on a project is a function of?



Reward power means that the project manager can issue rewards. Examples of rewards can include bonuses or comp time. PMI regards reward power as…?




Your customer is having difficulty verbalizing the requirements for the upcoming project. The key stakeholder has stated to you “We want it to work sort of like this – I can’t really describe it but I’ll know it when I see it…” In this instance, what would be the most effective project lifecycle to implement?



What costs are the most important costs that need to be considered when making a purchase decision for a product or service?



Which of the following is not a leadership style in the Hersey/Blanchard situational leadership model?



You are assessing two projects for risk. Project #1 has a most likely duration of 95 days with a standard deviation of 10 days, and Project #2 has a most likely duration of 110 days with a standard deviation of 5 days. All of the following statements are true except…?



Rolling wave planning is__________________.



To understand the requirements for the product of your current project, you have conducted a systems analysis, a requirements analysis, a product breakdown and a value analysis. These activities define what is known as a…?



The risk register usually includes all of the following, except…?



The Monitoring and Controlling phase of project management involves measuring your performance against the plan, looking for changes and variances, and how to bring future performance in line with the project plan. Which term best describes this type of action?



The purpose of a change request resulting in a recommended preventive action is to…?



All of the following statements about change are true except…?



What do confronting, compromising, and forcing all describe?



Project managers are frequently performing activities to control the budget, timeline, output and deliverables on a project. What does PMI mean by ‘control’?



You are thinking of purchasing a software product from a relatively young organization – they have been in business less than two years. This is a cutting edge financial product that would put you at least 18 months ahead of all competitors in your market space. However, your concern is that if you purchase software from them, there is a possibility that they may go out of business and you would lose the investment in the software. You ask the company to outright purchase the software code, but the company has rejected this as an option. What is your best option moving forward if the company‘s survivability is an issue?


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