PMP Question Bank (1440 Questions)

PMP Question Bank (1440 Questions)

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PMP Question Bank (1440 Questions)



This PMP Question Bank contains 1440 questions and answers, these PMP questions will help you in PMP certification exam preparation. This PMP Question Bank should be used after finishing the PMP exam preparation study.

PMP Question Bank With Answers

Here below sample from PMP Question bank. Download the PDF version for the full PMP question bank.

Question #1 
Your developer has provided u with an estimate based on the “cost per line of code”.
What type of estimate did the developer use to provide this information?
A. Parametric estimating.
B. Bottom-up- estimating.
C. Analogues estimating.
D. PERT estimating.

Question #2
A definitive estimate is:
A. Top-down estimating.
B. Created during initiation.
C. Within a range of -10% to +25% of actual.
D. The most expensive to create.

Question #3
All of the following are inputs to the cross-budgeting process expect?
A. cost estimate.
B. project schedule.
C. risk management plan.
Deactivate duration estimates.

Question #4
Analogues estimating is a tool technique used in both Time and Cost management
process. What is the best description of how analogues estimating is performed?
A. by-bottom-up estimating techniques.
B. obtaining management options of the estimate of each task.
C. by-top-down estimating techniques.
D. based on historical costs.

Question #5
Cost budgeting is defined as
A. the estimated total cost of the Project when done.
B. allocating the cost estimates to the individual work items.
C. developing estimates of the cost of the resources needed to complete project activities.
D. the sum of the approved cost estimates.

Question #6
Due to recent company downsizing, u can only authorize 1 of the 2 projects u really
planned to complete this year. You have decided to select the project with the NPV of $95k
and proceed to cancel the other project which had an NPV of $37k what are the
opportunity costs associated with this new decision?
A. $37k
B. $95k
C. $123k
D. $58k

Question #7
Analogues estimating is a form of
A. earned value.
B. expert judgment.
C. cost planning
D. parametric modeling.