Seismic Analysis of Structures Free PDF

Seismic Analysis of Structures Free PDF

9 January 2021 Off By The Engineering Community

Seismic Analysis of Structures Free PDF

By T. K. Datta


For structural engineers, earthquake engineering can be broadly divided into three areas, namely,
seismology (including ground effects), seismic analysis, and seismic design.

These areas are big subjects in themselves and deserve separate treatment in exclusive books. While there are many excellent books that cover these three areas in varying proportions, none have been written exclusively on the seismic analysis of structures for use in teaching an undergraduate elective or a postgraduate core course.

Furthermore, there are virtually no books that contain all aspects of the seismic analysis of structures, combining new concepts with existing ones, which graduate students pursuing research in the area of earthquake engineering would appreciate.

Content :
  • 1 Seismology.
  • 2 Seismic Inputs for Structures.
  • 3 Response Analysis for Specified Ground Motions.
  • 4 Frequency Domain Spectral Analysis.
  • 5 Response Spectrum Method of Analysis.
  • 6 Inelastic Seismic Response of Structures.
  • 7 Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction.
  • 8 Seismic Reliability Analysis of Structures.
  • 9 Seismic Control of Structures.


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