What is Jet Grouting? Common Uses and Advantages

What is Jet Grouting? Common Uses and Advantages

28 January 2022 Off By The Engineering Community

What is Jet Grouting? Common Uses and Advantages


Jet Grouting is a procedure for the insitu construction of solidified ground of pre-determined shape, size and depth. This solidified ground is often known as Soilcrete. Jet Grouting is commonly used to underpin major structures such as quay walls, bridges and large building foundations in advance of excavation or to treat ground ahead of tunnelling.

Jet grouting uses high-velocity fluid jets to construct cemented soil of varying geometries in the ground.

Common uses

  • Often the preferred solution in any situation requiring control of groundwater or excavation of unstable soil (water-bearing or otherwise)
  • Underpin foundations such as quay walls and heavy structures
  • Provide excavation support
  • Seal the bottom of planned excavations


  • Effective across the widest range of soil types of any grouting system, including silts and most clays
  • Ability to construct soilcrete in limited spaces and around subsurface obstacles such as utilities, provides unique design flexibility
  • Low headroom equipment enables construction of soilcrete in limited spaces such as basements
  • Ability to work around subsurface obstacles such as utilites, provides unique design flexibility
  • Can target specific soil layers at depth without having to treat soils above and many more…..

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