Concrete Structures in Earthquake Free PDF

Concrete Structures in Earthquake Free PDF

9 January 2021 Off By The Engineering Community

Concrete Structures in Earthquake Free PDF

By Thomas T. C. Hsu


This book gathers 23 papers by top experts from 11 countries, presented at the 3rd Houston International Forum: Concrete Structures in Earthquake.

Designing infrastructures to resist earthquakes has always been the focus and mission of scientists and engineers located in tectonically active regions, especially around the “Pacific Rim of Fire” including China, Japan, and the USA.

The pace of research and innovation has accelerated in the past three decades, reflecting the need to mitigate the risk of severe damage to interconnected infrastructures, and to facilitate the incorporation of high-speed computers and the internet.

The respective papers focus on the design and analysis of concrete structures subjected to earthquakes, advance the state of knowledge in disaster mitigation, and address the safety of infrastructures in general.

Content :
  • Periodic Material-Based Three-Dimensional (3D) Seismic Base
  • Shear Behavior Prediction of Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Members in Earthquake
  • Experimental Study of Novel Concrete Frames Considering
  • Validation of the PARC_CL 2.0 Crack Model Strength Strength
  • Research on Resilient Reinforced Concrete Building Structural System
  • The State of Knowledge and Practice in Concrete Structure Design for Earthquake
  • Development of Large-Diameter Reinforcing Bars for the Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
  • Reversed Cyclic Tests of 1/13 Scale Cylindrical Concrete Containment Structures
  • Understanding the Seismic Behaviour of FRP Retrofitted RC Shear Walls: Past and Present
  • Seismic Response and Collapse Risk of Shearwall Buildings Subjected to Long Duration Ground Motion
  • Drift Capacity at Onset of Bar Buckling in RC Members Subjected to Earthquakes


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